"Functionality fused with style"


Cermakrome is a ceramic metallic coating that prolongs the life of coated parts such as headers, etc. Its main function is that of a thermal barrier; it traps heat inside the header pipes, which reduces heat transfer off the pipes, and as a result, lowers under hood temperatures.


Cermakrome is made of aluminum and chromium. The aluminum provides very good rust resistance, and properly cared for parts will last many times longer when coated with Cermakrome. Also, coating the inside of pipes enhances rust resistance and exhaust gas flow. We are unable to coat the entire inside, but we do prepare and coat headers inside from both ends as far as you can see.


Cermakrome will polish to provide a chrome-like finish. Its temperature threshold is 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal operating temperatures are well below this. If this temperature is reached, the polished finish will dull, but the coating continues to function as a thermal barrier. We also offer an undercoat that increases the temperature threshold to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. We offer other topcoat colours and finishes as well.